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Welcome to Tehillah Praise Ministries

Pastor Gugu and Nombulelo Zulu welcome you to the Tehillah Praise Ministries Church. In achieving our vision, our aim is to convert irreligious people into fully devoted followers and members of our ministry, the basis and foundation of which we attempt to communicate through this website.

 Our goal in creating this website is to offer all visitors sufficient information and support to help meet their imminent needs related to ministry, which may likely emanate from association with our people-centered churches across Southern Africa. This site is an ongoing and evolving project, and thus information will be updated as necessary from time to time.

We believe God has established this ministry to train and release Believers to become effective ministers of the Kingdom Lifestyle in the Market Place, the Government, the home, the community and all spheres of life, hence our vision statement. To this end, He has given the ministry a prophetic outlook of the future based on the prophetic writings in scripture, the prophetic words spoken over the ministry, and what the Spirit is saying to the Church in our time. We also believe the Lord is opening other avenues to fulfill our vision and mission through radio, and in the future, also through television. We see our divine mandate as going beyond pastoring a congregation with a specific number of people, but pastoring our entire communities.

The Lord has given us the passion for the salvation of souls and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth - we believe He is coming soon, and we have a mandate to prepare ourselves and the Church for His coming.